Nebo Rodeo

OHHH MY GOD!!!!!! Are you jealous yet? I got to go to a REAL RODEO.   But wait, I’m not finished yet, better still I knew, yes I knew someone riding in it.   And guess what, I know what your saying, your saying AWESOME yes it really was AWESOME.  The person I knew was our next door neighbour’s son Jack he rides Bucking Broncos, a Bronco is a horse that bucks. There was EVERYTHING there, from lassoing calf’s on horses, to bull riding on vicious bulls, there was horse vaulting  and a really cool horse trainer that had trained horses in Racing stripes and Zorro. It was totally wicked and after it was finished lots of people partyed and danced in the arena. But never mind that. The only thing you need to worry about is that I would love you to come to Australia Mackay and be there on May the 22nd, when the Nebo Rodeo is in town and only an hour away.  And if you are there you will see me there and possibly stay up till one o’clock in the morning like I did.


Petrie is a magpie that has one wing bigger than the other.  It all started when Brianna saw him on one of the outdoor cheir’s and wounded what had happened to his wing.  I went outside to cheek him out.  He seemed pretty tame and so we gave him some wet bread Lyn thought that he would prefer mince so mum chopped some up for him.  He seemed to like it so he took it to somewhere higher.  In fact he liked it so much he came back for lunch and dinner and has so for three days now.  And in those days I have manged to hand feed and have made friends with this strange bird.

Things I know about petrie:

1.his favorite food mince

2.He can fly with one wing bigger than the other

I still have Lot’s more to find out but I can’t feed him all the time and if I do he may become to lazy to find his own.

Sailing on Kai ora

Ahhhhhhhhhh sailing on Kai Ora the yacht sounds peaceful. Your properly thinking, YEAR RIGHT!!!! she is soooo just tricking well guess what in a way I have just tricked you, because it is simple… when you have auto pilot, yep you heard correct this baby has auto pilot, of course you can drive it if you want but who wants to, but… you do have to park it in the harbour but that’s easy.  Any way back to the main subject, sailing, well if you live by the sea there will be a sea breeze, so we moved pretty fast. And once you have the sails up your away laughing and guess what I got the best seat in the house or the boat.  Right up the front with my legs hanging over the side of the boat, with the wind in my face and the sea spraying my checks but despite what you just read I got sun burnt (dramatic pause) on my face and the top of my legs, OK and maybe I didn’t put my sun block on properly too.  On the way out of the harbour we were looking for a croc that was spotted this morning but we could not see it.  When we finally got to the island we went ashore on a little dinghy (a small boat) which I jumped off the side into the water, and swam ashore.  While exploring as I love to do mum spotted a turtle, well another animal call, the first time I was to late to swim with it and see what type it was but a few minutes later it came back that was when I saw it close enough to know that it was a speedy green sea turtle that was when I lost sight of it.  Now back to exploring, wait another animal call on the job, this time a sting ray out I go swim swim swim like a fishy only looking down at the sea floor then I look up in front of me and wham there it is about half a meter away is this big sting ray it wasn’t a manta- ray it was a sting ray.  Even if I couldn’t see it’s face it had this evil look about it so I retreated.  After that we went back to the yacht because the tide was coming in and if we got stranded because there was not enough water we would have to wait two hours before we could have lunch.  So we got on the yacht and attached the dingy and went to a  more sheltered place and had chicken buns for lunch and drunk fizzy and the adults drunk beer after that we went home.  I went of course up front and had photo time and then felt a bit tied so I grabbed a towel and slept on the seat next to Sam who was also asleep, and so was Brianna, Ellie, and Byron. Chelsea tried but she couldn’t.  After I woke up I went and tried to go back to sleep in the double bed below deck in the cabin but felt a tiny bit sick and went back to the front to get some spray and to look at the horizon.  Back at the harbour we tied up the boat and packed up then we went home and had fish and chips for dinner,Chelsea says she loves battered fish but she just doesn’t like the white stuff in side Chelsea that is the fish.  That night Chelsea and I were luled asleep by the thought of sleeping on Kai Ora and to think she will some day hopefuly take me to the bareer Reef in her nice rocking way.